Japanese Sake is changing to the one to have fun.
 As for labels, entertaining and attracting ones are increasing.  However, the designs of crown have not changed for a long time.

 We, the northernmost crown manufacturer in Japan, have been exploring how to enjoy crowns like “Muselet (crowns of champagne),” because a variety of muselets are used according to designs of champagne.

 It is possible to entertain people who love Sake, if we develop the crowns with luxury and philosophy. We started this project with this idea.

 Ishikawa prefecture has been known as the producing area of “japan (lacquerware)” for a long time.
 Maki-e is certainly given in gifts, because Maki-e is one of decorative techniques of lacquerware has hidden meanings in each picture.


 We are introduced a Yamanaka-nuri craftsman by ISICO (Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization, the support organization for small and medium companies in Ishikawa prefecture) to develop Maki-e crowns. We make Maki-e crowns by repeating interview about customers’ needs and creating samples.

 We can receive order Maki-e crown only in several hundred at one time and it takes a few weeks to make, because Maki-e crowns are handmade by craftsman.
 We will be committed to Maki-e crowns to express the joy of Sake.